Blended Learning 2016 Summit

With the technological advances made over the last two decades, students are no longer limited to learning in traditional classroom environments. For Australia’s tertiary sector, this means in order to remain competitive and remain relevant teaching and learning practices are required to constantly adapt to new global realities.

Adopting the most effective blend of face to face while integrating ICTs into course design is imperative in order to increase student engagement and for an institute to remain competitive. However, government funding is scares this is generating pressure on the resources available to institutions to incorporate innovative and digital teaching techniques into their curriculum design.

With that in mind, this years Blended Learning Summit (part of Learning Innovation Week) has been specifically design to address the following key themes:

  •  Implementing innovative blended teaching methods to improve student engagement and encourage continued learning
  •  Promotion a culture of blended learning within the institute and effecting stakeholder mindset transformation
  •  Improving communication between educators and technical staff to better utilse resources

As we gather in October to learn from higher education institutes across Australia your attendance at this conference will provide your organisation with the insights required to adapt and stay relevant during the changing market conditions.

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Who You Will Meet at Blended Learning 2016


Dean / Associate Dean/ Deputy Dean of School


Dean / Associate Dean / Deputy Dean Teaching & Learning


Head of Teaching & Learning


Head of School


Director (Learning & Teaching)


Learning Skills Advisor


Blended Learning Advisors


Education Designers


Senior Lectures/Lectures


Manager Teaching & Learning

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